‘It’s My Privacy’ by Ray Cates

“Oh mother

Mother dear

must I die in this my only year?”


“Yes little one because today you are only a fetus,

not a tot

for just four-hundred and seventy eight bucks,

we can let you drop,

so your dad and I will be content,

nightly we can go out,

and boost some beers.


Doctor Bee Happy,

just makes a killing,


out comes the babies,

pop, pop, pop,


into the garbage can,

they drop, drop, drop.


I feel like going out and saluting the red, white and blue,

this is such a spiritual,

and democratic experience,

makes me want to write the Constitution,

on the post office with,

orange spray paint.”


“Oh mother,

mother dear,

must I die,

in this my only year?”


“I am female, disguised as gentle,

with sharpened fingernails.


I could be a Marine,

or President of the United States,

gals with their fists held high,

teamster girls beating up Miss America,

God wears a leather skirt, a dagger tatto,

nose and lip ring.


                         Semper fi”


About Ray Cates

Ray Cates is a teacher and writer in Ocala Florida. He is now 73 years old. In 1961 (the year he married his current wife) he was part of the invasion force at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. He served in the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

He has taught at the University of Florida, Webster College, Central Florida College and City College. Subjects taught were LAW, ENGLISH, BUSINESS ENGLISH

Mr. Cates owns bookstores in Ocala Florida called Ray the Trader. http://raythetrader.wordpress.com

He also owns a correspondence school called Oceans High School http://oceanshighschool.com

His passions are short fiction, school reform, and good government.

Fax Ray at 352-629-1573 or leave comments here.