A Scratch of the POP Story

I’m sorry I didn’t come an see you Jerry. Really I’ve always felt I was your close friend. As if we were family, brothers. I see your mother and father often around town.


“You forgot about my $3,000. I didn’t even ask you to pay interest, or anything, but you knew I needed it back!”

“I know, and you should have gotten it 3 years ago, but my parents were sick.”

“Your parents are alcholics, their no sicker than they always were, and I know you didn’t fund their treatment. The most you would do is maybe drive them to AA Meetings, while they kicked and screamed. I loaned you money I needed back badly. Because of you I had to sleep on NYC park benches for a month. I came back all this way to shoot you!”

“You can have my new Ford Truck, 4 on the floor and mud bogging tires. I’ll sign the title over to you!”

“It’s financed, you have nothing, but I counted on you. I never even got a bogus excuse from you, until today, now your lying your front teeth out.”

“I thought you were coming home!”

“I told you I was never coming home.”

“My wife’s parents have some money, my wife Marjory will go over to their house an get your money for you. You can meet my 3 children.”

“You don’t have any children, an not only are hers by 3 former husbands in 3 previous marriages, not only that, but you defrauded the poor woman, because you didn’t really marry her. She just thinks you married her. What wife would be stupid enough to be married in Jacks Bar by Jack the wino owner. And the certificate he showed her was his Membership in the Elks Club. One of her children named Tim tried to kill you, I read the local paper on line. I wanted to make sure you were alive down here, so nothing would spoil my killing of you.

I’ll shoot you in the legs first, an scream as much as you want, this is a basement of a burned up house. I own the land and I put up those handy ‘No Trespassing – Those Entering Will be Shot’ signs. I thought that set the right tone for today. After the legs I’ll pick out other parts of your body where you won’t die fast. Mostly hands and arms. Hold still and maybe I won’t hit an artery. Getting on your knees will not make me miss your legs. Don’t worry I’m not aiming for your crotch, that would be a big bleed zone. After I empty my gun into you, about 2 clips. I’m going to close this door and bar it from the outside, if it were not for the concrete floor you could dig your way out, but there is nothing to dig or cut with, and your arms, when shot up will not be fit for hard labor. I hope you struggle till you drop. Maybe it will get really cold. There is not heat, like on my park benches, I will be feeling for you BROTHER like you felt for me.

I hope to god you don’t bleed out but live to starve down here:


“Oh, please leave me here now! For God’s sake, I’m sorry I didn’t send the money, god this hurts. You really hurt my arms. I will go to the hospital and won’t tell them who did it! I’ll never tell! I made $22,000 last year and this year you can have it all! Let me live and you’ll get your money. I swear.

“Now your arms get the rest of my clips –then you can get along well with the rats. Your about as stupid as Marjory, coming down here to, ‘Get a job’ You probably thought you were going to help rob something. Fred Querry is a fake name, but a real bankrobber. Never go to a basement of a house that is burned down, and with signs like I put all over this 5 acres, well coming here is suicide.

POP (an 18 more)

After ten minutes, “I’ll bet you hurt now, you sure know how to howl. I wish I had a tape of your screams to put me asleep nights. I Jerry Kohn don’t forgive anyone $3,000. Oh just so you’ll know, this basement if full of money under the concrete. Necessity made me rob banks, Like old time pirates I like to leave bones over my stash. You qualified for just $3,000. If you had stolen more from me I would have been much harder on you. I think in your case the rats will eat you before you die. They are very hungry, so hungry they are not hiding well.

You wouldn’t have been any good at robbing banks, but I am.”