‘Over an Over’ by Ray Cates

so I became a child again

and soon forgot

all that was before

lusts and musts

and the world was

of mothers

theirs and mine

how far

one is allowed
to go

what there is

to know


and how to pray

the right grammar

in what to say

master the A,B,C’s

then multiplication tables

and somehow I remember somewhere

in the mix

before prom night

all of before

slips by

first love

and in your honeymoon

by the sea

you can’t help

but think

‘I’ve seen this before’

as the waves

crash the shore

but you always lived

far inland

and your wife says

“What a vivid imagination


after that

you dream

of stories

tales of ten thousand


and in time


with grandchildren

and when the

hospital doctor

is shaking his head over you

giving that grim look

you look away

and dream


the new story

and excited mothers


and her new



‘Lad Brick’ by Ray Cates

Segments for a COMING STORY, notes to myself I might use. That is when and if I write a story.

The little doctor looked nervous like a cat that was about to jump a house.  As a teacher I’ve been around people all my life and this old guy was restless.  His right hand thumb did a little twitch, up an down. When the thumb was down it squirmed on the table like trying to dig a hole to China.

I would start to say something and he would jump ahead with a new question before I had said about anything.  I got the impression that I was entering something shady, maybe criminal, but this was Daytona Beach Florida, the Con Capitol of Florida.  If you couldn’t get swindled in Daytona then your not doing any deals, or up to anything.  I have learned swindling since I’ve been here.  A bank teller put the wrong amount on my deposit slip, not in my favor.  A used car salesman sold me a car that wasn’t his to sell.  I even thought I was buying a house trailer in Port Orange, and the guy took my earnest money, but I didn’t see him ever again  The real owner didn’t even know anyone else had a key to his place.  It was not for sale.  If I ever see that guy who took my $500. I’m going to follow him somewhere an whack him.  I mean I have  a concealed carry license and I shoot safely, away from me.