Persona a Goata – a trial pail of goats milk

Somehow  I was inside the goat,


Once I had been a man 6 feet tall three inches,

If this a goat joke?  I told cracks on monkeys, an deer on beer,

but goats might be funnyer

tee-he, tee he.


Imagine a hoofed animal, maybe I’ll get horns like a demon?

This place is big, god, it’s a barn!



pigs – none of them seem to talk!


Hard to believe,

but I can walk around

If there is a god,   he’s in the same profession as me.


I was in Doctor Boliviers office last Tuesday at 4 PM,

his last mal-practice suit, I guess for the day,


somehow didn’t make it, well now I know,

sure as a knockout punch, that lifes joke,


I would yell out, but with this mouth

I’m at a loss for words

Then I pondered as around the barn I wandered, will this horror somehow pass?


All of a sudden terror splashed and glued itself to me, blocked my racing mind,

As a human, often speeding in my Ford Pickup,

I met Marge at the Organic Chef,

Where our most gleeful delights were: GOAT, PIG AN GOAT

I never ever want to think again!

Please let me lose my mind!

I do not want to think again, until after I’m dined!




One Response to “Persona a Goata – a trial pail of goats milk”

  1. rcates2 Says:

    No one wants to be dined upon.
    Spied upon bad
    Lied upon sad
    Dined upon dead!

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