Dear Editor (A letter no lawyer would let one send)

I’m writing this letter in protest.

I take pride in my yard, grass, seeds, water as allowed by ordinance, mowed always to the correct height.

But God-Damn Nelson Sloan at 423 Elm Street, he lets his dogs out daily and they come out an piss and shit on my yard.

He’s my neighbor, but not much of my neighbor!

I’ve told him, first in a very civil tone, “Keep your fucking dogs on your own lawn!” He replies with an upraised middle finger.

I finally said –after ten full years of poop, enough is enough and I let loose. I did point a shotgun at him from my doorway, stood up from my wheelchair, and let fly with both barrels over his house.

Now I sit in this little hoosecow, room while his bunch is shitting all over my property!

If I’m not home to shoot him and his dogs, well who the hell will!

Restore Pedabody The Third


One Response to “Dear Editor (A letter no lawyer would let one send)”

  1. rcates2 Says:

    Reblogged this on 'A Serious Offer' by Ray Cates (Adolphus) and commented:

    Letters from jail.

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